Is the Stress From Your Healthcare Job Placing Your Marriage in Jeopardy?

family law attorneysThe healthcare industry is a tough environment. Here, professionals have to deal with life-and-death scenarios on a regular basis and the hours are often arduous and long. It’s no secret that healthcare workers often put their own well-being and health at risk for the sake of their patients’. Add the recent pandemic to the mix and the truth is, healthcare workers have never been under so much stress.

As we’ve seen time and time again, stress from the workplace can be a major catalyst for relationship problems and could hurt your marriage. For today’s post, we’re discussing how stress from a job, especially in healthcare, can place your marriage at risk.

The Pandemic Has Placed Healthcare Workers Under Extreme Duress

The COVID-19 pandemic has spread for over a year and while it had small periods of slow down here and there, it is currently re-emerging in a third, even more widespread wave. There’s always lots of fear and uncertainty when it comes to dealing with a new disease and the fear of spreading it to loved ones is ever-present. In addition, many people have continued to demonize healthcare workers and disregarded much of their advice, further adding to the sense of futility. 

As a result, it’s not uncommon for healthcare workers to experience burn-out, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and frustration on a constant basis. For many, the pandemic has pushed them to new limits.

Work Stress Can Interfere With Your Personal Relationships

When work takes over your life, it is difficult to make anything else a priority. This includes your marriage, which can suffer greatly when both parties are not fully invested and focused on the marriage itself. In addition, healthcare workers might feel too overwhelmed to contribute much at home where division of labor can often become a contentious issue. 

Then there’s the general effect of stress on your everyday interactions. Many people report that the small day to day moments with the ex greatly contributed to their desire for divorce. Individuals who are under a perpetual sense of stress often lash out, are not always as pleasant to be around, and can potentially cause conflict where there was previously no issue.

It’s important for healthcare workers and anyone else with a high stress job to learn effective compartmentalization tactics in order to keep frustrations at bay. Both parties should be mindful of their interactions and the way they potentially channel external frustrations or feelings at each other. 

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