What Should I Share With My Employer About my Ongoing Divorce?

divorce lawyersDivorce is a sensitive, emotionally-charged process. Many people value their privacy and confidentiality, especially during times of duress. This is why it’s important for people who are getting divorced to have that option to disclose the information to whomever they choose. After all, no one likes to be the subject of the latest gossip going around your social circles, or the water cooler.

But what about when it comes to your boss or your employer? Is this something that you should disclose to them? For today’s post, we’re offering tips as to what you should and shouldn’t share with your employer about your upcoming CA divorce. 

Think of Logistical Matters That Could Affect Your Schedule or Work Output

You may opt to share with your boss or co-worker simply for personal reasons, but if you’re trying to limit the amount of information that is out there, restrict the conversation to logistical matters. In other words, think about how your divorce proceedings could impact your schedule and availability to work. Do you foresee any appointments or other commitments potentially impacting your work output? These are all matters that you should be open and honest with your employer about to help everyone make adjustments as required. 

Try to Keep Personal/Emotional Matters to a Minimum

Even if you trust your boss or coworkers, we’d caution against sharing too much of the juicer details. Getting into the why behind the divorce, divulging scandalous details about your ex’s outrageous behavior, and other such bits of info can easily make you the target of office gossip or drama. Likewise, someone could try to use this info against you, or if they have any social connections to the ex, could even be feeding them details about your divorce plans/strategy and more.

Consult with a Legal Professional About the Best Approach For Your Needs

There’s a lot to consider before you can decide what divorce details to disclose to your employer. Planning for a divorce is complicated enough as-is, and regardless of how secure you feel about sharing these details at work, your best course of action is to run your specific scenario by a qualified family law attorney.

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