What Causes a Long-Term Marriage to Break Down?

divorce lawyersWhen it comes to divorce, there’s common misconceptions about how newer or younger couples are more likely to get divorced than older or more established couples. However, divorce rates among newer couples have actually been on the decline over the past few years. In contrast, older married individuals have seen increasing divorce rates. 

While this includes new older couples as well, we thought it might be worthwhile to discuss the specific challenges that older or more established couples experience when their marriage begins to crumble. As always, remember that we can offer tailored advice if you reach out to us directly to connect with our seasoned divorce attorneys. For now, here’s some of the main reasons that can lead to a long or established marriage to its end.

Infidelity and Violations of Trust

Perhaps to the surprise of no one, infidelity is one of the biggest causes of divorce among all married couples. It’s very difficult for people to work past these types of betrayals and deception, and when couples do work through them, the resentment doesn’t always go away. Repeated incidents only increase the chance of irreparable damage, and many people struggle to change their habits over time. 

Empty Nest Syndrome

This one often catches people off guard. No one really understands how much their life will change after the kids leave the family home until they go through it themselves. The lack of children can lead to a lack of purpose. It also forces couples to spend more time together, which can highlight existing issues that may have been brushed aside in favor or focusing on the kids. Once the kids are gone, the marriage re-focuses itself on both partners. This can strengthen the bond between two married people, but it can also uncover irreconcilable differences that eventually lead to divorce.

Financial Struggles 

Finances are a major contributor to stress for most Americans, and even couples who have an excess of funds are not immune to the threat that financial disagreements pose to a marriage. Financial habits are tough to break and when both partners don’t see eye-to-eye on key financial issues, conflict and resentment build up quickly. 

Over the years, many spouses work out an arrangement or “deal” that can help keep the peace. If or when either partner feels that this deal was broken, this can quickly spiral into a major conflict between both partners. 

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