Millennials and Divorce: Their Attitudes towards Prenuptial Agreements

Divorce is never a straightforward process, and this is particularlydivorce lawyers apparent when it involves individuals with numerous assets. This is where prenuptial agreements prove to be a valuable tool, as they help protect individual interests when things to sour. However, they also often carry a bit of a taboo amongst certain folks, as they see prenuptial agreements as a sign of a weak foundation.
Putting aside the fact that honesty and open communication lead to stronger marriages, this negative notion of prenuptial agreements has been slowly fading on its own. This has a lot to do with the trends that millennials are paving, and the Pew Research Center has reported decreasing marriage rates across the board. At any rate, plenty of millennials are still getting married, and those who do often look to establishing prenuptial agreements with none of the stigma that these arrangements previously carried.
Prenuptial Agreements Are Estate Planning Tools
Prenuptial agreements allow unmarried couples to openly discuss their assets with one another, and to establish a concrete plan for them in the case that things don’t work out at any point during the future. This is why many millennials regard them as part of the planning and communication stage, before they proceed to make a life-long commitment. In other words, they don’t consider prenuptial agreements to be unromantic or cynical. Rather, they are practical estate planning tools that make logical sense for all involved parties. This is especially true when one considers the long-lasting effects that an unplanned divorce can have on an individual’s life and plans for the future.
Although those who set up a prenuptial agreement beforehand will always be in better shape to handle a divorce than those who have no plans in place, there are always processes such as mediation and negotiation that can help individuals work towards a somewhat more favorable, mutually-agreed upon arrangement. We often recommend that one explore these options, leaving divorce litigation as a very last resort due to their riskier nature. This is where a qualified family law attorney can help steer the case towards a more favorable outcome, as they are usually well-versed in all matters relating to mediation and negotiation.
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