Keeping Your Family Safe From COVID-19

Family Law AttorneysFor today’s blog post, we’ve decided to pivot briefly to talking about safety during COVID-19. With the rising number of cases across the country and continued unchecked holiday gatherings, hospitals and ICUs are starting to feel the strain. With end-of-year celebrations right around the corner, these numbers are likely to continue surging. 

With this in mind, it’s important for you to be proactive about your safety, as well as that of your loved ones. While exposure is inevitable, such as for those who are essential workers or still have to attend in-person classes, good practices have been proven to help cut back on the overall spread. 

Keep the following tips in mind as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times and remember, for all things relating to family law in CA, don’t hesitate to call us directly at (949) 825-5245.

Wear and Use Facemasks Correctly

Face masks have proven to be controversial with many, especially because they may not always prevent every infection. However, the research is clear on one thing: masks serve as a “fence” which catches some virus particles, and are effective at decreasing the spread of COVID-19. 

They are not able to fully eliminate spread, which is why facemask use must be paired with other good practices. On that note, make sure your facemask fully covers your mouth and you nose – if either is exposed, any protection afforded by facemasks is instantly nullified. 

Practice Social Distancing

As the pandemic spreads, doctors and scientists have had more time to understand this disease. Initially, there were lots of fears about where and how one could become infected with COVID-19. Now, doctors better understand that most infections occur from people to people.

Even if you’re around someone who could potentially be infections, staying 6 feet apart greatly decreases your risk. Play it safe when you’re in public and assume everyone could be a potential point of infection. Maintain your distance from others at all times, only go out if you absolutely must, and you’ll cut your risk of infection dramatically. 

Prioritize the Safety of Those That are at Risk

Anybody who is over the age of 60 or has a pre-existing condition is considered to be “at risk” of complications or even death. The long-term effects and consequences of COVID-19 are not fully understood at this time, but we do know that the initial infection is especially dangerous for these populations. 

If you or someone in your household is considered to be at risk, you should be extra diligent about following these and other precautions. Avoid social gatherings, try to get things such as groceries delivered for the time being, and adjust your behavior where you can. 

Consult with a Family Law Attorney Today

With these COVID tips out of the way, you should know that the family law courts have also had to adapt in light of the pandemic. Many courts have shifted to online sessions, some courts have been halted or paused for the time being, and more. 

If you’re worried about how COVID might impact your divorce proceedings, or if you have any questions about divorce or family law in CA, know that we at R & S Law Group, LLP can help. We offer free initial consultations at no risk to you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our offices today!