My Ex Wants to Change the Custody Plan: What Should I Do?

family law attorneyFinally coming to an agreement on a parenting or custody plan can be an arduous and lengthy process. Once it’s set in stone, it still takes time for families to adapt and get used to the new routine. This is why, after all this preparation, it can be frustrating to see the other parent request a change to the plan, big or small.

How should you approach these requests for adjustments and modifications? Should you always cave in for the sake of keeping the peace, or is it better to hold your ground and stick to the agreed-upon plan? The answer is that it depends on your specific circumstances. 

Today’s blog post is a quick look at what you should do if the ex wants to change custody plans via an informal request or formal family court procedures and mechanisms. 

Minor Adjustments to the Custody Plan

For small adjustments such as a change in weekend custody or a request for a quick vacation to a nearby spot, it might be in your best interest to work with the ex and make the adjustment without involving the family law courts. Compromising with the ex is a great way to maintain an effective relationship and trading a weekend here or there is a small price to pay for harmony and a feeling of mutual respect across all involved parties.

Major Adjustments to the Custody Plan

When there’s a major change on the table, such as a modification of the custody agreement, a relocation to another school district, or a change in plans for a medical decision, it can be much more difficult to come to an agreement. Even if you do see eye-to-eye, you’ll want to run these changes to the court and ensure that they are approved/properly implemented. 

Courts won’t always approve major changes on a whim, and there has to be a valid reason behind every request. That said, the courts can also give you the opportunity to present your viewpoint if you and the ex are in disagreement. They can weigh in once they’ve had a chance to hear all the pertinent facts.

Prioritize your Child’s Needs Above All Else

While the advice in this post is meant to be general, the one key takeaway that applies in all cases is that you should always consider your child’s best interests and needs. If you expect any opposition from the ex, or if you want guidance from a qualified professional, reach out to a CA family law attorney ASAP.

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