What do Do When the Ex Uses False Accusations Against You

Family Law AttorneysAre you finding yourself on the receiving end of a false accusation during your family law case in CA? Enduring lies meant to make you look bad or otherwise “hurt” your case can be frustrating, and unfortunately, this is something that we see far too often during any type of contentious family law dispute.

There isn’t a silver bullet for dealing with false accusations, especially when they center around matters important to custody decisions, division of assets, and more. With that said, there are steps you can take to make things easier for yourself and help you stay one step ahead of any false accusations that might come your way. 

Here’s a few key tips to remember when dealing with false accusations in the family law courts in CA.

Remain Calm and Think Through Situations Logically

Always watch your reaction to false accusations. It can be difficult to keep your emotions in check but avoid having any outbursts, lashing back at the ex, or doing anything that could lead to the courts looking upon your case unfavorably. 

It’s normal to be upset or even angry, but the biggest mistake you can do is letting emotion override logic during complicated and sensitive legal proceedings.

Document All Conversations and Begin Gathering Critical Records

These days, it’s easier than ever to record everything. False accusations can be difficult to prove without a record, and in most cases your version of things are likely backed up by records you already keep. This can include messages and other communications between you two, bank accounts and financial statements, and more. Good record keeping is important in any divorce, but when false accusations start flying, this is when you really want to make sure you have your documents in order.

Seek the Aid of a Qualified CA Divorce Attorney

The best way to get an edge over false accusations is to consult with someone who knows family law like the back of their hand. A qualified professional can assess the allegations being levied against you and help you formulate a plan of attack. 

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