Divorce, Family Law, And Domestic Violence: What You Need To Know

child custody legal adviceDomestic abuse and violence is a more critical issue in the U.S. than people realize. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence estimates that a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds in this country. If you are in an abusive situation or want to help someone who is, it’s important to understand the legal options and actions available to help protect victims of abuse and prevent further instances from happening.

What is Domestic Violence?
All too often, the signs of domestic abuse go unnoticed or unreported. While physical violence such as hitting and striking clearly warrant cases of abuse, damages can also be inflicted in other ways. Stalking, intimidation, withholding of economic funds, coerced isolation, and emotional trauma may all also constitute domestic abuse. While many people think of domestic violence as only affecting adult women, men, children, and other family members may also become victims requiring assistance or family law legal advice.

How Can You Protect Yourself?
If you find yourself in immediate danger, the first thing you should do is call 911. Beyond that, it’s important to contact family law lawyers who can help you obtain the proper emergency protection orders to keep you and your family safe. Every state in the U.S. has measurements in place to help assist victims of domestic violence with various provisions to address the issue.

Divorce and Child Custody
Taking legal action to remove yourself and any children from a precarious living situation is essential to prevent further abuse. Divorce attorneys will be able to help you legally separate yourself from an abusive partner. Most states also take abuse histories into account when providing child custody legal advice. Talk to your family law lawyers about how to make the process as efficient as possible for your safety and protection.

Don’t wait for violence or abuse to escalate before you reach out for help. Contact a family law firm to get the assistance and support you need, whether to file for protection, divorce, criminal charges, or to report an incident to the police. When it comes to domestic violence, nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of you and your family.