Custody and Divorce Challenges for Military Families

divorce attorneysMilitary families face a variety of unique challenges. At times, one parent may be away for extended periods of time, leaving the other parent to bear the brunt of the household responsibilities. This can often lead to stress in the marriage, and divorce can even be on the table.

When it comes to divorce and child custody proceedings, military families face many of the same challenges as any other couple. On top of that, they face a unique set of challenges due to the nature of military life. Today’s post is a look at how these challenges manifest themselves, especially when it comes to custody issues.

Custody Arrangements in Military Families

Since military families can face unexpected deployment, the priorities must shift slightly when it comes to custody arrangements. The well-being of the child is still the emphasis, but because a parent might have to relocate or move due to a deployment, a custody arrangement isn’t always so straightforward. 

This is where a family care plan comes into play. Military families must create a family care plan, one which outlines what must happen in the case of a deployment. This type of plan is standard in custody arrangements between military families. 

The family care plan establishes things such as a short-term caretaker for emergencies, a long-term caretaker who can take over if a deployment occurs, care provision details with info such as financial accounts and healthcare plans/details, and more. 

In addition, a custodial military parent can also always request a divorce modification if things change unexpectedly. 

Consult with a California Divorce Attorney Today

Needless to say, military families have much more to account for when it comes to divorce and child custody. The best way to prepare for any upcoming divorce or custody proceedings, especially if you or the soon-to-be-ex are in the military, is to consult with an experienced CA attorney who is familiar with guiding military families through complex family law issues. 

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