Ask A Family Law Attorney: Making A Good Impression During Your Family Law Case

child custody attorneysIn California, both parents are to be treated equally when dealing with matters such as divorce and child custody disputes. The family law courts avoid favoring one parent over the other without reason. Furthermore, judges are supposed to ensure that their decision is impartial, free of bias, and based solely on the facts at hand. However, just like everyone else, judges are not immune to bias. They may intentionally or unintentionally introduce their own personal perspectives, potential biases, and other opinions that might skew their view and potentially place you at a disadvantage.

This is why we always emphasize making a good impression on the judge, especially when dealing with sensitive family law matters that carry long-lasting implications. In this post, we go over some basic strategies to keep in mind as you navigate the family law courts in California.  

Show Involvement in your Child’s Life

Working mothers can sometimes be subject to additional scrutinizing that may seem unfair. A judge wants to make sure that a mother is able to provide for and dedicate time to her child. The judge might carry unintentional biases against women who work a lot (as opposed to hard-working fathers). The best way to combat this is to illustrate your involvement in your child’s life to the court via actions such as being active in your child’s extracurricular activities, taking time to be there during his/her big moments, and being present on a daily or regular basis.

As for fathers, they have their own biases to overcome, especially when they are seeking sole custody. There’s a decades-old belief that a child is always better off with his/her mother, and while this is certainly not true across the board, you’ll still need to put in some extra effort in order to make a favorable impression on a judge. After all, as far as the family law courts go, an involved father is a caring father.

Rise Above Conflict and Always Take the High Road

You can also help steer the case towards a more favorable outcome by ensuring that you always take the high road, especially when it comes to your ex-spouse. Don’t let them provoke you or goad you into arguments in front of the judge, and prove that you are able to put aside any differences for the sake of your child’s happiness and well-being. Let your ex-spouse damage his/her own credibility and remember to maintain a cool, level-headed demeanor at all times.

Recruit the Assistance of a Reputable Attorney

The most important thing you can do to help you prepare for your day in court is to recruit the assistance of a skilled family law attorney, someone who can help you navigate these complex legal matters and help ensure that the impression you make on the judge is a positive one.

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