Are You Being Tracked? How Digital Spying Impacts Divorce

family law attorneysOver the last few decades, we have seen a major shift in the way we communicate and engage with one another. Already a growing force, the internet has only further been cemented into our day-to-day lives as smartphones became the norm. While this has afforded us an unprecedented level of convenience, one cannot deny that individual privacy continues to face growing threats.

This carries all sorts of implications, especially when it comes to matters involving divorce, child custody, and family law in California. This blog post explores why those who are dealing with family law disputes need to be careful about their online presence and take steps to ensure that they are not being spied upon.

How Does Digital Spying Happen?

Digital spying can manifest in a multitude of ways. On one end you have the more general, “low-tech” approaches that involve tracking an individual via the stuff they themselves post. For example, even if you block your ex on a social media site, he/she could very well still have access to all your posts via another account or through a third party who is keeping them in on the loop. Other straightforward efforts might involve logging into shared accounts that they still (but perhaps should not) have access to and physically poking around on a device like a laptop or a phone.

There are also more sophisticated approaches that a dedicated “spy” can choose to implement. These include spyware that can be downloaded onto a computer or smartphone, keystroke loggers that record your communications without your knowledge, GPS devices to track your movements, and more.

While most of these acts are usually illegal, specific circumstances could allow for the evidence that was gathered via these techniques to become admissible during a divorce or other legal family dispute. This is an emerging area of the law, which is why it is critical that you take steps to protect yourself from digital espionage as your court date approaches.

A Skilled Family Law Attorney Is Your Best Defense Against Digital Spying

Do you suspect that you are being digitally spied upon? If you think your ex-spouse or another third party is gathering digital information to compile evidence against you, it is imperative that you reach out to a divorce attorney as soon as possible. A skilled family law attorney can help you address these concerns and minimize the impact that digital spying could have on your divorce or child custody proceedings.

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