How Mediation Sets You Up for a Smoother Divorce Process

divorce lawyersThe process of getting a divorce is never a pleasant one, and there’s rarely such a thing as a “positive divorce.” Things get especially stressful and complicated when litigation becomes part of the process, or when disputes are taken to the family law courts in CA. However, there is such a thing as “better divorces,” particularly when exploring your legal options outside of litigation.

For this post, we want to talk about the benefits that mediation brings to the table. Staying out of the courtroom is always a net positive for our clients, both in an emotional and financial sense. This inspired us to offer this write-up, where we take a closer look at how mediation works in CA. For more information, remember that the experienced attorneys at R & S Law Group, LLP are available to speak with you about your specific legal needs.

How does the Mediation Process Work?

Mediation is a formal negotiation that allows both parties to come together and discuss the terms of the divorce settlement in a neutral space. This is done via a mediator and depending on the couple’s wishes, the negotiations can be carried out in one room or the mediator can go back and forth between each party until an agreement is reached.

Once the terms have been settled and both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the mediation, the divorce can then be finalized.

What are the Benefits to Mediation?

There are countless benefits to mediation. The shorter nature of the proceedings means that you and your ex have to endure less stress, not to mention the reduced legal costs. Perhaps even more importantly, mediation gives you more control over the outcome of your divorce. In contrast, litigation exposes you to less ideal outcomes when dealing with the input of a judge and a combative or contentious ex. This is why we try to steer our clients away from litigation, especially when there are children involved.

Want to Learn More?

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