How Divorce Lawyers Can Expedite Legal Separations

divorce lawyersMarriage can be a beautiful thing for couples who truly find someone they can relate to and care for. Unfortunately, far too often do people end up in legally bound relationships that are unhealthy — and sometimes even dangerous.

Researchers have estimated that anywhere from 40 to 50% of all first marriages in the United States will end in divorce, and another 60% of second marriages will end up in the same boat.

Some of these rates of divorce can be pinpointed to certain demographics that appear to be more prone to these types of situations. Younger couples who marry, for example, are the most likely ones to end up separating.

Those who marry under the age of 20 have by far the highest chances of getting divorced. This is 1.5 times more likely than couples aged between 20 and 24. The least likely demographic of marriages ending in divorce are those who marry after the age of 25.

There are numerous situations that can lead couples to seek out divorce lawyers when things turn sour. For some, they may simply decide that they are not right for each other; these are the lucky ones. Many legal separations unfortunately are the result of more extreme circumstances.

Domestic abuse, particularly violence, often leads to a spouse taking legal action. It’s estimated that one in every four women will at some point in their lives be victims of severe violence from an intimate partner. Similarly, one in seven men will find themselves on the receiving end of domestic violence from an intimate partner.

When these situations arise, divorce lawyers should be consulted immediately to determine the best course of action. Not only must terms be mitigated regarding finances and property between the couples, but child custody lawyers may also need to be involved when the couple has kids. Between child support payments and visiting rights, there is a lot of child custody legal advice that should be taken into consideration.

Going through a separation is not easy for anyone involved in the family to go through. Seeking out family law advice from child custody attorneys or divorce lawyers can at least expedite the process as much as possible.