Choosing the Right Custody Arrangement for the Holidays

family law attorneysThe holidays are a festive time, but as divorced parents across all of California can tell you, they can also be riddled with logistical complications and disputes around who gets the kids when. When it comes to shared custody, the holidays are no exception and parents are still entitled to their percentage of custody that has been previously established. This means that parents often need to work together in order to figure out a holiday schedule that works for everyone while ensuring that all custody obligations are being met by all parties.

For this post, we’re exploring potential arrangement solutions that are implemented by divorced parents across the state when the holidays set in. Remember, if you’re seeking personalized legal advice, you can always contact us at R & S Law Group, LLP to speak with a qualified family law attorney.

Formulating an Effective Holiday Custody Arrangement

The state of California emphasizes the importance of having both parents involved in the life of a child, and parents often have to work together to make sure that children are able to spend the holidays with both parties in a way that is equal and balanced. This means that, when formulating an effective holiday custody arrangement, parents should consider factors such as:

  • School schedules
  • Distance and all associated travel time
  • Holiday and family traditions
  • Children’s ages and preferences when applicable

One potential solution involves alternating holidays each year. This allows parents to rotate custody on any given holiday and gives each party an opportunity to build cherished memories with everyone during different special occasions. For example, you might get custody on Christmas during even years while your ex gets to spend Christmas with the kids during odd years.

Another fairly straightforward option involves dividing the holidays. So one parent might get the kids during Thanksgiving while the other parent always has custody during Christmas Eve/Day. This option can be particularly effective for those who are looking to set a predictable and reliable schedule.

Whatever route you choose to take, we can’t emphasize the importance of working together rather than against each other! Try to put all hostilities aside and collaborate with the ex in order to promote on the best interests of your child. Remember, the continued happiness and well-being of any children should always supercede your own needs.

Want to Learn More about Child Custody Arrangements?

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