3 Major Signs Of Domestic Abuse

family law attorneysMore than 38 million women have experienced physical intimate partner violence in their lifetimes. Despite these alarming numbers, not everyone knows what to look for when trying to recognize the signs of domestic abuse. Being able to recognize some distinct signs of domestic abuse and talking to a family law firm can help you to help someone else get out of a toxic and dangerous relationship. Here are just a few ways to recognize domestic abuse.

  1. Injuries:
    Injuries caused from domestic abuse do not look like typical, everyday injuries. They’re usually focused around the neck, either from choking, punching, or general battering. If you notice any of these signs, look next at the person’s movement. If they look like they’re having difficulty moving around, it may be a sign of severe domestic abuse.
  2. Lies:
    Family law attorneys often claim that in a true case of domestic abuse, the person being abused is very likely to make excuses for their injuries. They may downplay their injuries or blame them on “being clumsy.” They’re also likely to make excuses for their partner’s abusive actions, saying things like, “it’s not as bad when we’re alone” or “they’re not usually like this.” This is because despite the severe abuse, the abused person is still attached to the cyclical pattern of abuse and does not fully realize the gravity of the situation. In these situations, it may be time for the couple to seek out some professional family law advice.
  3. Control:
    Family law lawyers also cite controlling actions as another major red flag of abuse. Many people only look for physical signs, but emotional abuse can be just as serious as physical abuse. In an abusive relationship, the abuser often exhibits extremely controlling behavior, such as dictating where and when the abused person can leave the house, get together with friends, spend money, or any other seemingly small action. This leads the abused person to constantly feel the need to ask for permission to do even the tiniest things. This type of control is incredibly damaging to the abused person’s self-worth, psyche, and general state of mind.

Ultimately, these are just a few common signs of abuse. If you recognize any of these signs in somebody you know, insist that they seek help immediately. For more information about family law attorneys, contact R and S Law Group.