Help. My Ex is Sending Me Threats or Other Abusive Communications!

family law legal adviceSome divorces are more civil than others. Then there are those where one party refuses to let up, and will constantly harass the soon-to-be-ex out of rage, jealousy, resentment, and more. In our experience, the hostility can happen throughout the entire proceedings, and doesn’t always taper off after the divorce is finalized. However, the aggressive behaviors often reach their peak at around the same time that litigation is taking place.

For today’s post, we want to offer several strategies to help you cope with an abusive ex who continues to send abusive communications, either via text, social media, email, and any other medium. 

Don’t Offer the Reaction They Seek

Is the communication from the ex purely abusive? Are they trying to stir up problems, or are they genuinely trying to reach out, although poorly? More often than not, it’s the former. In these instances, there is often little to no value in providing them with the exact reaction they are trying to cause. 

Simply not responding is an option that could help de-escalate things.

Check in With An Attorney Before Communicating Back

Sadly, it sometimes take more than just silence to break the ex’s pattern of abusive communications. If you’ve decided that responding is the right choice, you should do your best efforts to run everything by an attorney first. They can help guide your communications in a way that keeps it on-message and prevents you from exposing any pertinent details or potential liabilities.

Document and Record Every Instance of Abusive Interactions

Everything that the ex tries to send to you is considered public communications. This means you are free to document and record everything. This is particularly important when the ex is acting threatening or violent in any way. 

Let the ex give you all the ammo you need and ensure that you’re keeping meticulous records of every interaction.

Consult with a Family Law Attorney Today

However, this doesn’t give someone the right to harass his or her ex, especially during divorce proceedings. 

We hope this post offers some strategies to help with this issue, and invite you to contact us directly at R & S Law Group, LLP. 

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