Ask A California Divorce Attorney: Top Reasons for Divorce

divorce lawyersMarriage is a often a beautiful thing, but as many of our clients can attest, it can also turn into one’s worst nightmare. Sweet, caring partners can sometimes to turn into narcissistic or controlling spouses, either rapidly or at a more gradual pace. This can be frustrating and dismaying, especially when the source of the contention is unclear or difficult to pinpoint.

For this blog post, we’re looking at some of the main reasons that often serve as the catalyst for married couples to split up and seek out a divorce. Every case is different and divorces don’t play out the same, but for many, the following reasons tend to play a significant role when spouses become fed up and act on their desire to separate from one another.

Differences in Opinion about Having Kids

Many times, couples move forward with their marriage without having “the talk” about kids. Or when they do and a difference of opinion arises, either party decides that his/her spouse will likely change their mind in the future. When this doesn’t happen, resentment builds rapidly. The desire to have or not to have children is a giant decision, and disagreements in this area will break even the strongest of marriages.

Infidelity and Mistrust

Infidelity and mistrust has always been an issue, but social media has seriously compounded this into a much bigger, ever-present threat. We’re used to seeing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites in the divorce cases we deal with. If one or both parties are even slightly likely to succumb to temptation, social media will ensure that he/she has constant access to potential avenues of infidelity.

Financial Differences that Cannot be Reconciled

Times are tight and married couples feel the squeeze as much as everyone else. Stagnating wages, rising inflation, and other economic factors can make it difficult for couples to reconcile their financial differences. When it comes to finances, a married couple needs to be on the same page or they can expect to face serious turmoil down the road.

A Lack of Intimacy

Another common issue, a lack of intimacy can make people feel like they’re living with a roommate rather than the love of their life. People change and it’s not uncommon for couples to feel occasional distance from one another, but if you or your partner give the cold shoulder on a regular occasion, this could be a sign that things are headed towards a potential divorce.

Talk to A California Divorce Attorney

Marriage isn’t easy, but there are times when divorce is simply inevitable. In those cases, it is in your interest to seek the counsel of a skilled California divorce attorney. Remember, the seasoned family law attorneys at R & S Law Group, LLP are just a phone call away. Call us today to schedule a free initial consultation, where we can discuss your specific circumstances in greater detail.