Studies Find Most Children of Divorced Parents Don’t “Pay the Price”

family law attorneysIt’s a common sentiment across the country: staying together is good for the well-being and development of the kids. For decades, divorced parents have been scorned and children of divorce couples judged as “damaged” or “troubled.” These fears are so common that many unhappy couples will tough it out for the kids and remain in an unhappy marriage.

Just how accurate are all of these assessments, however? Given that divorce rates have increased over the decades and the taboo of divorce has decreased, there are plenty of children out there who grow up in “alternate” household or family arrangements. And not surprisingly, most of these children are not doomed to a life of issues and problems.

As studies have highlighted, the vast majority of children grow up to be normal and perfectly happy. A recent study published in the Journal of Psychology tracked thousands of children from various family and household backgrounds, and found that a whopping 80% of kids from divorced parents experienced zero negative effects from their parents’ separation. This runs contrary to common myths and flies in the face of decades of assumptions pushed down upon those who are stuck in an unhappy marriage and are considering a divorce.

Relationships with Each Parent is Key

That said, divorce is a difficult time rife with emotional challenges, and living through the separation process is incredibly stressful for children of all ages. So why do so many walk away unscalded from the trauma? As other studies have suggested, the key is in the quality of relationships with each parent.

Just because parents are separated does not mean that a child cannot have a meaningful relationship with each parent, especially with the countless high-tech options that parents and children have available to them in order to stay in touch. Provided that a child is able to maintain a strong relationship with each parent, there is no reason to believe that the divorce will have a negative impact on him/her in the long term.

When parents become absent, or when relationships with either parent turns sour or hostile, this is where the potential for psychological and emotional damage lies. This goes in line with the approach that the family law courts in CA take, where they always emphasize a relationship with each parent, provided that it is in the child’s best interests.

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